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  • All-in-One Yoni & Skin Oil – For your daily over all skin health and optimal hygiene needs. This blend is a fusion of natural essential oils that helps maintain Ph levels; deodorizes, soothes skin; eases discomfort, eases irritation and itchiness; and keeps your essential areas smelling fresh & clean.
  • Made for Women and Men - The herbal properties of Pineapple Rose Yoni & Skin Oil nourish and hydrate sensitive skin. Ideal for both genders, it also works well as a beard oil for the face and intimate areas, as it soothes ingrown hair and razor bumps over time.
  • Freshness at it’s best – Keeping your yoni & testicle areas smelling pleasant and moisturized with our blend of natural oils, it supports your body’s defenses while leaving a sensual scent.
  • Ultimate Comfort and Relief - Our non-GMO and gluten-free oil for men & women addresses hygenic needs naturally. 
  • Easy to use - You can drip on panty liners, directly on panties or just apply essential oils directly on skin of your vulva, testicles and other parts of your body after bathing until completely absorbed without the need of washing off. Shake well before each use for maximum scent

Pineapple Rose Yoni & Skin Oil

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